Commerical Drones

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Commerical Drones

Take your business to a new level

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Sony Alpha 7 IV

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DJI Matrice M30T

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Areal Surveying and AEC

Commercial Drones

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Commercial Drones


Commercial Drones

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Commercial Drones

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Welcome to Boston

Boston is the largest distributor of drones for both commercial and private use in the Nordics. Drones from both DJI and Parrot are essential parts of our product assortment, which also consists of a large selection of international Consumer Electronics brands and products in the categories: Gaming, Headsets, Robot Vacuum Cleaners/Sticks, Massage Guns, Cameras, Power Stations and Gimbals.

As a distributor of Consumer Electronics we collaborate with partners and resellers throughout the Nordic region. And with our logistic expertise, products are delivered day by day during weekdays.

Commercially, together with our partners, we offer complete Drone Solutions to authorities, municipalities and companies large and small. In addition to the drones themselves, it encompasses accessories/payloads and software, configuration and service of the drones. And holisticly to provide a complete Drone Solution it also entails professional advice and guidance as to ensure the right Drone Solution, one that meets all requirements and solves the task.

As a company, we are a value-adding partner who are experts within our domain. We contribute with both vast industry knowledge and experience, but also an impressive local market knowledge and network. In short, Boston has both the products, the experience, the network and the expertise.


The use of drones is a sustainable solution that is both efficient and a good economic alternative or supplement. Drones are versatile and can handle many types of tasks. They are agile, fast, accurate and not least a good alternative for personal safety reasons.

We help, together with our partners, to find the right drone solution that meets specific requests and requirements as well as solves the task at hand. This includes the choice of drone, accessories/payloads and software, as well as setup, configuration and service – the entire value chain.

HIf you want to hear more, please contact us.

Commercial Drones til


Data collection, sowing, spraying, counting animals and monitoring the crops.


High / Low res video and still pcitures for movies, TV and SoMe content etc.


Wind turbines/power lines/solar panels/gas and power lines. Visual inspection or thermographic/RGB/infrared, find leaks and make documentation.


Data collection and monitoring irregularities.

Safety measures

Where, for safety reasons, a drone is used due to general hazardous conditions, accessibility, stability or otherwise dangerous for people.


Inspection and overview of accidents/fires/natural disasters. Search/rescue operations of humans/animals. Documentation and planning of rescue operations.


Transport to hard-to-reach areas, general streamlining of transport from A to B and/or where speed is important.


Visual documentation, DataCollection and measurement


Surveying/inspection of areas as well as documentation and data collection of construction/areas before/during/after with high/low res images/video to create 3D or topographic models etc.


Measurement / mapping of existing or new infrastructure, alterations, general monitoring or inspection and mapping


Search and rescue of missing persons, overview of accidents, criminal acts and generally an extra pair of eyes.

Medical services

Transport of defibrillators, medicines and blood tests to hard-to-reach areas or other urgent tasks.


Inspection, surveillance and other security measures


Recreational use of drones - because it's fun.


Archaeological excavations, overview, surveying and markings.

Use Cases

2 minutes before the ambulance

"A pilot project from Sweden suggests that there may be potential in using drones to transport defibrillators to patients with cardiac arrest. This ensures that first aiders have the right equipment to perform lifesaving first aid until the ambulance arrives. In the Swedish pilot project, the drone - and thus the defibrillator - was on average arriving almost 2 minutes before the ambulance. "

Source: and Oxford Academic European Heart Journal

Boston has provided the drones for the project in collaboration with Swedron and EverDrone.

Inspection of the Øresund Bridge

A DJI Matrice 300 RTK is used for the inspection of the concrete on the Øresund Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. Normally climbers would inspect every square metre of the concrete on the bridge. The drone takes high-res pictures and gives a digital status of the condition of the concrete, and thus also the opportunity to follow the progress over time. The drone is fast, accurate and efficient while being able to do the inspection safely and throughly from the ground.

Source: COWI

Boston has provided the drones for the project in collaboration with WeFly

Search and overview

In connection with the landslide disaster in Gjerdum, Norway at the end of December 2020, helicopters were used in the search for survivors, but also drones with thermal cameras in their search for survivors. Drones have also continuously documented the development, and created an overview of the extent of the landslide." Our experience is that the earlier we can send direct pictures to the emergency manager, the earlier everyone gets a situastional understanding. When you're leading an operation, it's important that you can see what's actually happening and not what you're hearing is happening," said Kenny Åserud, drone pilot with the fire department in Norway

Source: Tekniskukeblad and