Welcome to Boston Group

Boston Group - also called Boston - is a value-adding partner that imports and sells Commercial Drones and other international Consumer Electronics brands and products throughout the Nordic region. The product assortment consists of drones, gaming, headsets, robot vacuum cleaners/sticks, cameras, power stations, massage guns and gimbals. In addition, we have a strong focus on Commercial Drones and hence, drone solutions for authorities, municipalities and companies large and small.

During the years, Boston Group has gained extensive experience, knowledge and expertise in drones, and is today the largest distributor of drones in the Nordic region.

Boston Group was founded in 1996 in Denmark by Christian Banzhaf, and has a headquarter in Farum, Denmark and sales offices in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

One of Boston Group competencies as a company is our ability to be at the forefront of technological development and the associated products/product categories. We sell the latest but also most innovative products, and keep a close eye on the development in the market. In all respects, we are above all a partner with a strong focus on being solution-oriented, flexible and customer-centric.

Boston Group and drones

Drones have been part of Boston's product range since 2014, when the first drones from DJI became part of our assortment . Drone sales have since then grown organicly, but also prompted by Boston Group's marketing and sales actions, with exponential speed. As market interest has grown, as has the specifications and functionality of drones, Boston's focus has primarily been on drones for both recreational and commercial use. In doing so, Boston has gathered many years of experience, knowledge and expertise and thereby created a unique position in the market. A market position which is beneficial for both customers, drone manufacturers and business partners alike.

Recreational drones include drones for hobby use with a cross-over for more commercial use - but not toy drones. The commercial drone solutions Boston conveys are often in collaboration with relevant partners who are experts in a specific drone related area. The commercial drone solutions are holistic as they include hardware, software, configuration, service, training and consulting services - the entire value chain. The task given must be solved as a whole - and here - we at Boston Group are the experts.

About us

Christian Banzhaf founded Boston Group in 1996 and owns the company. The company has grown steadily over the years, both geographically and in terms of turnover, which is also reflected in the financial figures in the graph below (EUR).

Boston's financial statement ending 30/6 2021 revewals a turnover of more than EUO 70 million for the period FY2020/21. The graph above shows continuous and steady growth during the past 6 years for Boston Group. Going forward, growth in turnover is expected and we have great ambitions and expectations for the future. We look forward to the journey together with our customers, suppliers, resellers and business partners.

Business Model

Boston's focus has always been, and still is, to manage the distribution of various international brands within Consumer Electronics. And the last couple of years Boston has increased the focus on the commercial side of the drone business. The overall philosophy behind the choice of brands/products in our assortment is based on that they cover a specific need, has "upcoming" technology and/or bring something new to the market. Boston additionally contributes with market and local knowledge, as well as value-adding services such as Marketing, Logistics, Sales, Service and Consulting.

One of the cornerstones of Boston as a company is to be at the forefront of technological development and the associated products/product categories. We want to carry the latest products in our assortment within our domain. The other cornerstones lie in relationship to our customers and the desire to be solution oriented, flexible and always be customer-centric.


Our mission is to be the preferred partner in our field, and support our customers, suppliers and partners to achieve their goals in the best possible way. It is a priority and a core competence of Boston to carry a range of products and brands from suppliers that are relevant, innovative and in demand. And one of our most important tasks are to convey and match the range of goods and services we have in our assortment, with the demand our resellers/ partners have for products and services. The work done is both pro-active and re-active in all aspects in the value chain, all to create the best platform where we together can grow our respective businesses.


Our vision is through technology to contribute to creating a more efficient and sustainable world.