Sales Terms and Conditions

Boston Group A/S - also called Boston - sells exclusively to approved and VAT-registered resellers of Consumer Electronic/IT products and partners for commercial purposes. All prices are Net prices per unit excluding VAT, taxes, and shipping. Boston reserves the right to change and regulate prices without notice.

Do you wish to become a reseller?

If you wish to be established as a reseller with Boston, this is done if and when you are approved by our credit insurance company as well as our bookkeeping. You apply by filling in and submitting a completed dealer application form. The credit is given provided that the deposit slips attached to the invoice are used. In the event of exceeding a payment deadline, we reserve the right to charge the overdue amount at 2% interest per month and a collection fee. The item will remain Boston's property until the entire purchase price, interest and other related costs, if any, have been paid.

Shipments are subject to a freight charge at their own applicable rates. If pick-up is requested, a pickup fee is charged. All shipments are insured until arrival at your address. See freight schedule.

How do you order?

It is possible to place your orders by phone, mail or via our website.

If you wish to pick up an order at Boston's address in Denmark, an administration fee of DKK 200.00 per order will be charged.

Who do you contact?

If you are not affiliated with a sales person at Boston, you can call us at: Tel:+ 45 4810 4810 and we will put you in touch with a sales representative. This ensures you a fast and efficient processing of your future orders.

If orders are entered through our website, the order must be sent by 13:30 to ensure delivery the next day.


Boston provides warranty and complaint on the products sold by Boston Group. For individual goods, the warranty and service obligation is the responsibility of the manufacturer, in which case Boston will refer the customer accordingly.

RMA number is applied for through Boston's website using a login. Boston will assessed on a case-by-case basis whether the product is to be repaired, replaced or credited. Upon approval and return of RMA No. to the customer, the RMA confirmation will state the prices at which the item will be credited, if it is to be credited. If you wish the product to be repaired or replaced to an identical repaired product or a repaired product with similar specifications, please state this clearly on the copy of the RMA confirmation sent with the products.

Manuals for the products supplied by us are often only available in English, and the purchaser/reseller cannot require them to be in Danish.

Changes in product specifications are also frequent. Boston cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies between manuals, drivers, packaging, product sheets, etc. Boston is entitled to limit its support to the same as the manufacturer of the product provides to resellers and end users, respectively.

In addition, in case of warranty repair, a detailed description of the error and a copy of the invoice must be included.

Rights regarding complaints

Complaints about defects must be notified to Boston in writing and within 8 days of the time when you have or ought to have discovered the defect. Complaints about defects which you ought to have discovered during the usual examination of the product must always be given in writing within 8 days of receipt.

Complaints about products, or requesting the exchange of misordered items, please contact the sales department to receive an RMA number. The RMA number needs to be stated on the packing slip and affixed on to the packaging.

The right to return

There is no right of return or exchange. However, in special approved cases, this may be dispensed for. In such cases, a fee of 15% of the purchase price of the product is imposed. Goods sent to Boston without a RMA number will no be accepted, alternatively returned at your expense and risk, or kept for a month and then disposed. In the event that you return products where no defects can be detected, Boston reserves the right to invoice you an inspection and shipping fee.

If a special agreement on the right of return has been concluded, the goods must always be returned in full and in undamaged and original packaging. Boston reserves the right to credit the product at its original price, with a maximum of the products current replacement price. Boston reserves the right to refuse to credit an obsolete product.

Errors/missing in shipment

If we offer to correct an error/defect in a delivered product, or exchange to an equivalent product, you are not entitled to withdraw from the sales agreement or to claim any compensation. Boston is not responsible for any delay caused by the remediation or replacement. Boston is not responsible for any loss of any kind relating to and involving data.


To the extent that Boston is held accountable to you, liability is limited to the direct loss and thus does not include consequential damage to connected equipment and indirect losses such as lost earnings, operating losses, installation costs, etc. Boston assumes no liability as a result of your legal relationship with third parties.

Force majeure.

Without prejudice to force majeure, including war, civil unrest, pandemics, natural disasters, strikes and lockouts, failing supplies of raw materials, fires, damage to Boston or our suppliers' production equipment, failing transport options, import or export conditions, and any other event that prevents/restricts us from supplying the product. In cases of force majeure, Boston has the choice to terminate the deal, part of it, or to deliver as soon as the impediment to normal delivery has lapsed. In case of force majeure, we cannot be held responsible for any loss you may suffer as a result of the non-delivery.

Any deviation from the general terms and conditions relating to sale and delivery can take place through a written consent by the Boston Executive Board.

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