Drones can be used for a vast variety of purposes, such as

Drones can inspect hard-to-reach locations with both high accuracy and safety. Here it can take high-resolution photos and video, and with the zoom feature, get all the details. This creates a basis for decision-making for maintenance and a data intense and visual overview. If LDAR payload sensors are installed, oil/chemical/gas leakage can be located at a safe distance. Data/images provide a digital status and also acts as a benchmark for the future inspections.
When using drones, you can get accurate geographical/topographic data of infrastructure, areas, archaeological excavations, access conditions, etc. Whether it's cadastral measurement or topographical surveys, you get detailed angle and linear measurements using Lidar technology. Based on data, models can be made, areas mapped, inspected and measured, including DSM (Digital Surface Model), DOM (Different Object Marking) and 3D models.
Drones can automate and streamline both manual and time-consuming work. Data can be efficiently collected from large areas, even if the terrain is hilly and hard to access. The drone adapts its altitude to the terrain and by using sensors avoids collision with e.g. trees and power lines. Determining the position and Identify e.g. containers at a port and sharing the information with the truck drivers streamline the workflow and data collection, making efficient use of time. If time is a critical factor, e.g. in case of fire, a drone can effectively create an overview and help to optimize the apporach for the firefighters and search and rescue teams.
Drones can carry Payloads, either as additional equipment or packages. It can carry of packages from A to B of e.g. essential medicines or blood tests to hard-to-reach areas. The drone can deliver and pick up essential packages both quickly and efficiently. If time is a major factor, a defibrillator can be lowered to the ground, and the first responder can fast begin lifesaving first aid before the ambulance arrives .
Sowing and spraying
Drones can bring seeds for sowing or liquid for spraying. This solution is digital, informative, intelligent, efficient and accurate. The field is predefined to avoid overdosing and thus only operate within the intended area.

Loss of crops are reduced by up to 8% using a drone solution, as you avoid driving on the field/crops. Get inspiration for the possibilities here
Media production
"Content is king" – and here both the spoken and written word are supplemented with pictures/video for TV/SoMe content and in film production. Drones are the versatile partner in the air that you can control or ask to follow an object using ActiveTracking algorithms. Get a 360 degree angle using a gimbal, HD transmission, and high-resolution content.
Drones can be the extra pair of eyes that provide an overview, access to blind spots or a status of a real-time situation (Situational Awareness). Thus, drones can document and contribute to assessing safety/ access conditions and other critical factors at e.g. accidents, fires and/or natural disasters, as well as for emergency purposes. Maximize the resource allocation, make the most of your time, and strengthen the safety measures.
Search and Rescue
Drones can help search and rescue teams looking people or animals in large areas in a short amount of time. Even in poor lighting conditions. Using heat-seeking thermographic, infrared and digital cameras, large areas can be searched relatively quickly and structured. Create a rescue plan based on facts, fast and efficient, and optimize available resources.
Leak detection
Using Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR), gas/oil/chemical leakages can quickly, efficiently and accurately be located using special sensor payloads mounted on the drone. And even over large geographical areas. At the same time, the drone optimizes personal safety as the drone does the work. Intelligent inspection, detection and minimize any shutdown time.
For documentation, drones are detailed, incontestable and highly effective. With images/video and data being analyzed, status documentation is created that can also be used going forward as a base for comparison. Whether LiDAR technology, sensors or additional cameras are used, the digital data is undeniably real-time accurate.
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